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Atlas and Sahara


Meet Locals, Engage with the Culture, Experience the Hospitality.

Travelling means more than to change our physical location in the world. It allows us to step away from the norm, to see new places and meet new people, to gain perspective on everything we’re doing in our everyday lives. It’s the time when we dream about life, what we want, where we are going.

This is why we at Agouti Travel want to provide opportunities to truly experience and engage with a different culture and some of the world’s most amazing natural wonders. Our trips allow you to really see Morocco, meet people, hear their stories and experience their diverse cultures – to have a life-altering journey.

  • Mustaph is an excellent professional groupleader , he pays attention to all abilities in the group and finds good solutions to please everyone .

  • Mustapha manages his team of Berbers to make the trip a relaxing and special experience